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dedicated to solving the grand challenges that face humanity.

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Molecule was founded to solve the grand challenges that face humanity and the planet in the 21st Century.

We find, invest in and co-develop emerging technologies that have the potential to be cutting-edge, effective solutions. Our mission is to launch these solutions as investable opportunities based on solid business fundamentals that benefit humanity and the planet.


We are passionate about Molecule, and focus on technologies becoming catalysts for shifting our collective mindset from the goal of conquering the global landscape to one of sustainability and improvement for future generations.

Our Story

From the laboratory to the real world. Watch how our materials are going to reduce the amount of energy we use and solve for the world water crisis. 



Molecule is commercializing a new class of next-generation industrial designer desiccants.

We have been co-developing a new low temperature regeneration industrial desiccant material called ROS-037 with the Crystal Engineering department at the University of Limerick, Ireland.

The principal investigator is Professor Dr. Michael Zaworotko, Ph.D., Bernal Chair of Crystal Engineering, who is ranked as one of the top-20 highest cited chemists in the world by Thomson-Reuters and a member of the Royal Irish Academy. Dr. Zaworotko is well known and highly respected in the pharmaceutical, academic, and industrial materials sciences world.




We have partnered with the University of Limerick, Ireland to develop a new designer desiccant.  By bridging the gap between academia and industry we are creating a better future for the planet.