What We Do

Molecule works hand-in-hand with academic R&D labs, engineering firms, marketers and end users to bring breakthrough technology to the real world.

We launch these new technologies open to outside investment, licensing, joint-venture or acquisition. We work with some of the best scientific, engineering, legal, accounting and intellectual property teams in the world to ensure that these opportunities are not only viable to the end user, but properly structured to deliver value to investors and the environment.

Our hands-on approach is designed to put breakthrough ideas on the path to success.


1. First, we engage professional scientists to prove reliability, repeatability and reproducibility of the fundamental science.

2. Next, we discover the market need and alignment potential for real world application of the science, while also engaging professional engineering teams to prove viability and scale-ability of the science into the real world, resulting in a Minimum Viable Product (“MVP”).

3. We then launch these technologies to market, supported by targeted, international marketing campaigns supported by internal and sometimes external investment. This reduces the technical risk, typically associated with new startups.

Our Founder

Company founder Frank Jao is a renowned Vietnamese-American businessman who fled Vietnam for the United States just as the war was ending in 1975. Exposed to human suffering by his experiences, Mr. Jao is passionate about helping humanity. He envisions Molecule as a catalyst for having science serve humanity, focused on sustainability and improved lives for future generations.

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